CROSS OVER is an alternative exhibition group that connects Japanese authors with exhibitions in overseas countries such as Asian nations. 


We started this activity with the aim of expanding our perspectives beyond our own environment in Japan, as we observed that the environment and values are constantly evolving in the economically developing Asian countries. 

We believe that there are always people in other countries and regions who are interested in us, and by providing them with the experience through exhibitions, we hope to support our future activities and provide them with a new option.


Although Japanese culture is known overseas, we named our group CROSS OVER with the intention of creating new value by allowing local visitors to experience a variety of Japanese artists' works in a more realistic way and by intersecting the viewpoints of both Japan and the local region. 


Since our establishment in 2017, over 600 works have been displayed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, France, and the UK. Some of our exhibitors have also participated in other overseas exhibitions, international exhibitions, and art fairs, and their works have been featured in the media and sold.

Some have also found work within Japan as a result of their participation. Our activities continue to expand with each event.


We do not aim to simply be satisfied with participating in overseas exhibitions or blindly praise foreign countries. Instead, we hope that our exhibitors will use this opportunity to gain a more holistic view of their lifestyles, beyond just focusing on their creative activities. 


Through our exhibitions and future actions, we hope to give back to those around us in any way we can.

Thank you for your support. 


CROSS OVERは日本の作家とアジア諸国などの海外の展示を繋ぐオルタナティブな展示集団です。




海外でも日本の文化は知られていますが、よりリアルな日本の様々なアーティストの作品を現地の来客に体感してもらい、日本と現地の両方の視点が交差することで、新たな価値観を生み出す意味を込めてCROSS OVERと名付けました。